Membership Perks: Texts

One of the perks of membership is a texted quote to inspire and motivate you each weekday morning.

Texts can only be sent to US numbers, but anyone can also opt to receive the daily texts via email, as well.

Opting in #

We recommend that when you receive your first text, you add the number to your contacts under the business name “Simply Convivial.” If you’d like, you can also download and include our logo as the profile image to display, as well. Right click on this link to download and save the logo.

You can opt in for texts here: Click here to find the opt in information.

You’ll receive a confirmation text first. If you do not reply YES to the confirmation text, you will not receive any texts.

The next day you’ll be asked if you would also like to receive a reminder to do your weekly review (and then a reminder to look at it on Mondays).

Opt in via email #

At any point you can also opt in via email. Click here to find the opt in information.

Opt out information #

You will be automatically opted out of all texts if your subscription is cancelled.

You can voluntarily opt out of texts by replying STOP at any point. You can opt in again at any point as long as your subscription remains active.

You can also voluntarily opt out of texts via email by clicking the text link that says “Click here to stop receiving texts via email.” Be careful not to unsubscribe from all emails, because that will also affect your access to membership.

Texts you can receive #

  • Motivational texts are sent at 7:30am Pacific every weekday.
  • A reminder to do your weekly review is sent every Friday at noon Pacific.
  • An extra reminder is sent on Mondays to look at your lists.
  • A join link is sent 5-30 minutes before any live event.