Membership Paths

Because there’s a lot of material available within membership, it’s helpful to have a little extra direction and support as you work through it.

But the direction or support you need is not necessarily the same as every other or any other member.

So we’ve created paths within membership to make sure you are not left on your own – unless you want to be. There are three paths available:

1. Simplified Organization Community Coaching #

The six-month community coaching cohorts open once every six months and run either January-June or July-December. New members are not added to these groups after the first two weeks. They become a tight knit small group community within Rocket Chat as they work together through a significant undertaking: all three programs of Simplified Organization (Organize Your Attitude, Work Your Plan, and Streamline Your Homemaking) over the course of 6 months.

Community Coaching cohorts get special checklists each month, an extra live community meet-up each month, a private channel in Rocket Chat, and an extra email each Friday for the entire six months. The Rocket Chat community never goes away, so the relationships built during the six months still have a place to grow and continue to provide support.

The next Community Coaching group begins July 2020.

2. Active Accountability Path #

The active accountability path is where we work through the shorter programs on a rotation basis year-round. Any member can join or leave at any point. Generally, we work through a 6-week program and then take a 1-2 week break before starting the next.

Conversation and troubleshooting during these live runs simply happens in the dedicated, public course channel. Emails with an extra help are sent each Friday and there is often an extra live session or two, as well.

Click here to join the Active Accountability Path.

3. Self-Paced #

Work through whatever course meets your current needs, in whatever order. The courses are adaptable and applicable even if modules are done out of order.

If you need help deciding what to do next and don’t want more emails or a live support group, try this quiz: